If you want your quizzes' questions and  responses to be by default randomized before   every document generation, you can choose  to apply the default anti-cheat settings. So, for that, go to "settings",  then "anti-cheat settings." Here, you see a couple of options that   can be enabled and applied in  every quiz to PDF processing. Enable the desired one's, for example, Choose  to shuffle Questions and Shuffle responses. The modified document here shows what will happen   once these settings are enabled, so we noticed  that Questions and Responses are randomized. Now Question B is the second one, and   the responses are randomized, respectively,  Response C, B, and A, instead of A, B, and C. Same for the Question A, the  responses are randomized.  Everything is shuffled, Except for Question C; We have nested questions and responses  that are not randomized; WHY? The Question C type is called Subquestions,  including nested questions and responses,   named subquestions and sub responses respectively. To randomize these types of elements,  enable the "Shuffle sub-questions"   and "Shuffle sub-responses" settings. Now everything from the original document   is randomized, including the  subquestions and sub responses. To get an overview of what will  happen to the original document,   click on the "plus" sign on each of the settings,  which shows the part that will be shuffled. Let's now see if these  settings are applied globally,  for that, we'll visit a quiz,  click on generate a document,   and all of the shuffle options  are employed by default.

Set the Anti-cheat Settings Globally

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