Make and Generate Unique Quizzes into PDF

Queezed is the tool that can help you make quizzes faster, shuffle questions or responses order, and generate 100s versions merged into one PDF ready-to-print in minutes.

Queezed Features list


Quiz Maker

Craft your Quizzes faster and easier following a straight forward making process

  1. Drag and Drop elements
  2. Change the Elements Order
  3. Collapse Elements
  4. Add and Remove Elements
  5. Select Correct Answers
  6. Set the Score
  7. Preview the Result

Add Images

A simple way to add images to your quizze.

  1. 1Upload Images from your machine
  2. 2Assign the Images to your questions or responses

Formula to Image Generator

Create Quizzes with Symbols and Formulas.

  1. 1Type your formula
  2. 1Give it a Name
  3. 2Convert it into an image
  4. 3Assign it to a question or a response

Anti-Cheat Settings

Randomize every bit of your quiz by enabling the Anti-cheat System.

  1. 1Shuffle Questions
  2. 2Shuffle Responses
  3. 3Shuffle Sub-questions
  4. 4Shuffle Sub-responses

Copies Generator

Transform your Quizzes to PDF documents, including unique versions in minutes

  1. Set the file name
  2. Set number of copies
  3. Set the Anti-Cheat Settings
  4. Generate your Document
  5. Download your Document

Grade Quizzes

Access to your unique copies correct answers

  1. 1From the generated document, scan the QR Code to access correct answers
  2. 2Access all copies correct answers
Make Unique Documents

Stop worrying about cheating.
Start focusing on teaching again.

Shuffle Quiz Questions Step

Shuffle Questions

Randomize the order of questions shown in your Quizzes.

Shuffle Quiz Answers Step

Shuffle Answers

Randomize Answers to have different order.

Make Unique Quizzes Step

Make Unique Quizzes

Make unique documents and Minimize Quiz Takers Cheating

Passing a Quiz
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