The grid mode shows a list  of cards displaying quizzes. Each card includes this list of elements:   Updated time, related to when you did the  last quiz content changes; we also have the   number of questions, the number of generated  files, title, subject, and the school name. And if you click on the three dots here,  it gives you access to the actions:   Edit, Clone, and Delete. The list mode allows you to access more elements  like the number of documents generated, the number   of copies, and the quiz creation date, which  shows the time when the quiz was first created. We discovered the elements of each view; let's now  filter elements, so, at the top right of the page,   we have the search field where you can type  your search keywords, for example, "While." We can also filter Quizzes by subject, so  the select menu here shows all subjects,   these subjects listed here are the subjects  you added where you set up your account. Select "English" as an example, and it shows  the quizzes assigned to the "English" language.  Select "French", and Select "Spanish"  Let's return to "English" and type the  keyword "Complex", which summarises that   you can filter by subject and at the same  time type a keyword to refine your search. We can also filter by School,   and these schools displayed here are the  schools you added where you set up your account. Let's choose a school, for example, "Waterford",  and it shows the quizzes related to this School. The filter also works on the list view.  Let's reset all filter elements to  "all subjects" and "all schools." We went through how to search and filter quizzes. Let's now discover how to sort them.  You can sort quizzes  alphabetically by Name, Subject,   and School. You can also sort quizzes   numerically by the number of questions,  generated documents, or the number of copies.  And in the end, you can sort quizzes by the time  of the last update or the quiz creation date.

Search, Filter and Sort Quizzes

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