let's discover the quiz maker  interface and each of its segments. We have five elements at the top of the page, a  left arrow to return to the Quizzes List page,   the title of the quiz, the number of  documents generated from this quiz. The number of prints, in this case, 0 print  because we haven't made any document yet;   the number will increase once we generate copies. On the right side, we have the  actions "clone" to copy the quiz,   DELETE to delete the quiz, and SAVE CHANGES button  for saving changes, which it's grayed for now,   and it switches its color once we did  any modification on the quiz maker. on the right side we have four categories the  first is for modifying the global settings   including the quiz title  subject school and description. The second category is for adding recommendations,   where you define some rules that must be followed  in the assessment of student's knowledge. The third category is for adding figures,   used mainly if you want your questions  or responses to have some images. The last category is for people who need  formulas in their quizzes; this tool right   here allows you to convert formulas into images  that can be used on your questions or responses. The middle is where you make the quiz it  has a modes switcher, EDIT and PREVIEW.  EDIT for making the quiz, PREVIEW  for previewing the changes. The goal of these modes is to help you to  switch faster between making and previewing. On the right side we have the questions types, The first one is PART, which is used essentially  for regrouping questions; it's a required element. The second one is QUESTION type, including  responses aligned by one pair line,   though the responses alignment  can be controlled manually. The third one is the SUB-QUESTION type,  including nested questions and responses,   named sub-questions and sub-responses. The last one is the BLANK type,  including a Blank on the question. The left side is the place where the quiz elements  will be dropped; it allows to more flexibility   summarized in 10 actions in total to manage and  shape elements quickly; these actions are for: Setting titles, Collapsing elements, Adding  Responses, Assigning figures and formulas   to questions and responses, Aligning  Responses, Setting Questions Score,   Setting Correct Answers, Deleting  Elements, Moving Elements, Hiding parts. The preview presents what  you are making; in this case,   we are using pictures for questions  and answers, and it displays: The title of the Quiz, Subject, School,  Student Name, Questions, Responses, Score.  And a SHOW CORRECT ANSWERS that  highlights in yellow correct answers.

Quiz Maker Interface

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