Let's do two documents generations to see  what will happens in the print's history,   click on "Generate Document". Enable all Options for the Shuffle Settings, set  the file name to "english-synonyms-antonyms",   check "Include QR Codes for correction  system", set the number of copies to "5" Click on "Preview", wait for the preview, confirm  the settings, wait for the processing of the file. Download your file, click now on  the cross mark to close this page,   the prints history now shows your last  document generation, including the file name,   the date of the document creation, the number  of copies, the shuffle settings applied. You also have access to the download link and the  link to the correction of all randomized copies. Let's do the second document generation, where  we'll change some parameters; for the file name,   we'll use "synonyms-and-antonyms," the number of  copies we'll set it to 1, we'll shuffle nothing,   click on "preview," "confirm,"  "download," and close the page. We notice another element on the Prints  history, including all the settings applied   for the last document generation, the download  link, and the correction of the one copy. The prints history will serve you to keep  track of each of your document production,   the settings applied, access to  the download and correction links.

Prints History

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