We have three levels globally: Part, Question, and  Responses, For the sub-response, it follows Part,   Sub-question, Questions, and Responses. All of these elements can be removed separately. Let's start with removing a part, so if we click  on delete, it will show all the elements under   this specific part in red, including questions,  responses, sub-questions, and sub responses. Click on save to remove it. Let's now move to the next level, Question. Click on delete, and it will show in red all  of the responses under this defined question. Save changes to remove the question. Let's move to the lowest level,  "Responses," under a question. Click on delete on one response,  save changes, and it will be removed. The same logic goes for the subquestion type,   where we can delete a subquestion   or a sub response. So far, we have removed one element at a time. Let's now remove multiple elements,   for that, check to delete both parts, and  save changes to remove the two of them. Let's add another two parts,  drag and drop some questions,   check to delete three questions, select  two questions from the first part   and one question from the second. Save changes for deletion confirmation. The same goes for responses; check delete  on multiple answers in different questions,   save changes, and voila, all  selected responses are gone. You can click on preview while you are  doing modifications to watch changes.

Delete Elements

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