Judy is a teacher and has a class of 10 students. The goal is from an original quiz that she makes unique documents. Queezed has an implemented system to help her generate unique copies for each of her students, where the questions and responses will be randomized. As an example, question A from the original Quiz will change its position for each student, similar to questions B and C. The same goes for answers, where the responses to question A will be randomized, the responses to question B will change their order, the same for question C. The Queezed Shuffle System assists Judy in making unique documents to reduce the incidence of her students cheating on Quizzes for a better and effective assessment. Let's start with the real scenario Judy is an English teacher and has a class of 10 students, she decided to make a quiz to assess her students on the subject "Synonyms and Antonyms." The quiz will have ten questions in total, 5 for synonyms and 5 for antonyms. The goal is, first, to make the quiz, and second, generate Unique Copies for each of the students, where all copies are not the same. This means, that the questions and responses will be randomized on each copy. Let's go through this scenario. Click on `New Quiz` Set the Quiz Title "Synonyms & Antonyms" Choose "English" as a Subject. Select a School. Add the Description "Choose the correct synonyms and antonyms for the given words." Click on "Save Quiz" Let's now make the Quiz. Add two parts. The first one will be "Choose the correct synonyms for the given words" And for the second part, "Choose the correct antonyms for the given words" Drag and drop 5 questions in the first part. The same for the second part, five questions. Add one Response to each question, respectively, to have four responses instead of three. We added 10 questions in total. Click on PREVIEW to see what we've done so far. So we've 5 questions in the first part, and the same goes for the second one. let's begin first by adding the synonyms questions titles, then synonyms responses for the first question, second, third and the list goes on. Do the same for the antonyms questions add the questions first, then the antonyms responses. Save changes. We added the questions and responses, now, let's set the correct responses for the Synonyms Questions, and set the correct responses for the Antonyms Questions. Save changes. Click on preview to see the changes. Toggle the "Show the correct answers," which highlights in yellow the right answers. We finished making the Quiz, let's make the document. Click on "Generate Document", keep the file name, and remember, the goal is to generate 10 unique copies for the 10 students, where everything is randomized (questions and responses) So, set the number of copies to 10, enable Shuffle Questions to randomize questions, and enable shuffle responses to randomize responses. Check "Include QR Codes for correction system.", click on "Preview", wait for the preview generation, confirm the Settings, wait for the document creation processing. Download the document let's open the document, we have a document including 20 pages, two pages for each student, student one, student two and the last one, ten. Where the questions and responses are randomized, and, this is a preview from the same document, showing the synonyms questions for two students, student one and student two, where the questions and responses are not following the same order. Each student copy also has a QR code; if you scan the code using your phone, it will show you the link to the correction of the selected page. Let's return to the last state, and close this page. We have two buttons in the print's history, the first one is for the download, where you can recover the download link, which will expire after a certain period. The second one is for the corrections listing of each copy. Let's try what it shows. So we have here a page presenting all 10 randomized copies where the correct answers are highlighted in yellow for ease of correction. In the end, Judy can now make quizzes FASTER and EASIER, and achieve a better assessment for her students.

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