Let's first click on the  "formula generator" section,   and write the formula that  will be used in the question. I'll use the virtual keyboard to write  it, write first the question formula,   give it as a name "limit-1-question",  click on "save" to generate it. Then move to the answers formulas, write the  first one, give it the name "limit-1-answer-1" Write the Second one,   give it the name "limit-1-answer-2."  Write the last one, give it  the name "limit-1-answer-3" Let's now assign each of these generated  formulas to their related question and responses. We'll start with typing the question text first  "Algebraically calculate the exact limit." Then, assign "limit-1-question" to the  question, and as you see here, we have   three groups on the select menu, one named "Only  text," if you don't want to use figures at all,   one for images related to the uploaded images,  and the last related to generated formulas. Zoom out, and remove this "correct" right   here, same for the answers, assign each  answer to its corresponding formula. Check the correct answer, click on Preview,   and we have here all formulas displayed  respectively on both the question and responses.

Assign Formulas to Questions & Responses

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