Click on the figures section. Upload some pictures from your machine,   once figures are uploaded, you have access  to them on your questions and responses. Let's start first with the question and use the  image "circle-graph" from the "images" group. For the question, you can use  both an image and the title.  We'll choose as a question, "Which chart  correctly expresses the circle graph? " Click on "preview." We now have a question,   including a title and also a figure. For responses, you have the option to use  an image or a text; you can't use them both. On the figures selector, select  an image for each response,  "table-books-read-1" for the first response, once  you select an image, the text area becomes grayed,   where you'll not be able to  write text while using an image. Adjust some settings by unchecking correct  answers, and set answer alignment to one per line. For the second response,  select "table-books-read-2"  and "table-books-read-3" for the last  response, select the correct answer;   in this case, the second one. Save changes, Click on preview.  And we have here a question including a  circle graph and responses using tables.

Assign Figures to Questions & Responses

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