Visit the pricing calculator by clicking on settings, then "pricing calculator." You pay a fixed price of 20 dollars monthly for 100 unique prints, and to be more accurate, each print costs 20 cents, so 100 prints times 0.2 dollars equals 20 dollars. If you want to have more than 100 prints, for example, another 10, you'll have to pay 2 dollars extra; the price of each additional unit is 20 cents, so 10 times 0.2 dollars equals 2 dollars. You can play with the pricing calculator and see the total cost of additional prints if you decide to go for more than 100 prints. And to have an idea of how many prints you used, click on the icon right here, and it shows for this account 0 from 100 prints, which means that we did not make any document. Let's now see how the number of prints is counted: I'll go to the quizzes list, pick the first one (While or During), a quiz that has 6 questions, and click on the Generate Document button. If your class has, for example, 10 students and you want to generate unique documents for each one of them by randomizing questions and responses, the number of copies will be the same as the number of your students, ten. So, put ten in the field "Number of Copies", enable the option QR Code for the Correction System (I'll explain how this system works in a separate video). Click now on "Preview" and wait until the preview is generated, and we have here a brief summary of what will happen before the creation of the document; we are interested in this part, "number of copies." which it's 10. Click on "Confirm" and wait for the document creation. Download and Open the Document. The document includes ten copies for each of our students, where everything is randomized, if we return to the home page, we have here 10 prints used from 100. And this is how we count prints. To summarize, you pay 20 dollars if you stick to 100 prints, if you want to go extra, you pay 20 cents per print.

How the price is calculated

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